Full-time studies at NETS are taught at our main campus in Windhoek. Under the Namibia Qualifications Framework full-time study requires on average at least 1200 hours of academic study per year.  At NETS these studies are completed within two 15 week semesters. As such, students must expect to spend at least 40 hours of committed study each week of semester. This 40 hours includes time for lectures, doing readings, preparing assignments, and doing personal study. However, this 40 hours does not include the additional aspects of participating in the NETS ministry formation program (see below).

Full-time students are expected to be at NETS for lectures on Monday to Friday mornings from 8am to 1pm, and also on Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 6:00 to 9:00pm. Also, students must be available to attend lectures from Monday to Friday (8am to 4pm) during our 4 intensive lecture weeks that are held during the year.

Students are also expected to be available during the week (and on weekends) to be involved in the wider ministry formation program of NETS. This wider program includes participation in Growth Groups, weekly community devotions, student seminars, and a week of practical ministry training that NETS runs during the second semester.

There is also a firm expectation that students must be available to take part in work duties, will be active members of their church, and are to be available to sit examinations that may be held outside of usual lecture times.

The courses that can be studied full-time in Windhoek include: