Library and Online Resources

For many years the NETS Resource Centre has contained more than 9,000 volumes related to theology, biblical studies and Christian ministry. In April 2017 we received a donation of more than 7,000 current and high quality theological titles to add to our collection. Accordingly, NETS now has a collection of some 16,000 volumes — making it the leading theological library in Namibia.

The quality of the NETS library means that our faculty and students have access to a comprehensive range of relevant and up-to-date resources to help them excel academically.

Pastors and Christian workers are also welcome to register as NETS library members. The annual registration fee to become a member is only $200. Please contact us if you would like to visit the library, or become a member.

You can search the NETS Library catalogue online here.

Free Online Resources

Bible Study Tools

  • Biblegateway. This is a great website for comparing Bible versions (150 versions available) or searching for a word or phrase in the Bible.  It also provides free access to many of the commentaries, including those from the IVP New Testament Commentary series.
  • The STEP Bible: A really powerful tool provided by Tyndale House. You can compare versions, see repeated words, and easily access the original languages, even if you don’t know them!
  • Bishop: Sword Project: A powerful, free app for your phone.
  • Bible Study Tools: You need to pay to use most of the tools on this site. However the Bible dictionaries are free to use. The best is ‘Baker’s Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology.’ (At the bottom of each article it even tells you how to reference it!)

Articles and e-Books – Recommended

Here is a list of websites that offer free theological and/or practical articles and e-books. While we cannot be sure that each will agree with the NETS Statement of Faith, we are confident that most of them will.

  • The Gospel Coalition Africa: A great, reliable and growing collection of articles, videos and podcasts from African theologians for Africans. (Click on ‘Explore’ in the top left corner.)
  • The Gospel Coalition America: A useful site with a lot of great resources.  One of those resources is the journal Themelios. A good journal but a bit difficult to search.
  • NetACT Free Resources: A list of even more free, African resources, like this list here!
  • Monergism: A great, usually reliable collection of thousands of articles, mp3s and books (most books are older classics, but there are also more recent resources – see especially here).
  • Christian Study Library: A South African collection of articles organised by topic, both theological and practical.
  • Desiring God: Thousands of resources including free pdf versions of John Piper’s books.
  • African Theology Worldwide: This links to many different topics of Theology, written by Africans.
  • Centre for Public Christianity: Excellent articles, videos and more that give a Christian perspective on contemporary life. E.g. Christianity’s historical evidence, its impact on the world, and what it means to live as a Christian today.
  • John Frame and Vern Poythress Books: Free books from two fantastic scholars. Poythress’ commentary on Revelation is simple and good.
  • Z-Library: This site has millions of free books and journal articles (Christian and secular, old and recent). They can be downloaded in full, for free.

Articles – Less Sure

The following sites also have many free articles. We have categorised them under a different heading as we cannot be so sure that the articles will agree with the NETS Statement of Faith. Be discerning as you choose which articles to use.

Classic Books

These sites have many classic works, Christian and Secular, from before Christ through to the early modern period.